Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gailes game 09.10.2011

13 players attended the Gailes game, on a lovely October day, many were glad (myself included) that the rain from the previous day had made the bunkers unplayable.

With the top three players from the league missing (Ian, Mark & Rodney) two of them sporting injuries, the field was open for someone to make a move up the ladder.
Owen took advantage with a three point win over his next four (4) rivals on the day whom all scored 35pts. With some quick count back calculations by Ken we arrived at a top three.
The league table has changed quite a lot since September; I think Ian, Mark & Rodney may wish to get back in the field asap injuries permitting.
Many thanks to all those who turned up, I hope to see lots of you in the next round.

Here are the results:

1st place on 38pts – Owen Wright
2nd place on 35pts – Janine Walker
3rd place on 35pts – Fred Hill
(Also on 35pts, Jane Hughes and Dan Williams)

NTP on the 3rd – Jane Hughes
NTP on the 12th – Neville Nobody
MLD on the 18th – Dan Williams
LLD– on the 18th – Karen Greedy

Paul (Captain)
(Next game is Keperra on the 6th November 6.56pm tee)

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