Thursday, August 18, 2011

Royal Pines Resort 14.08.2011

A fine day for a trip down the coast to the annual shield game at Royal Pines Resort.

Fifteen players made journey for the 4BBB stableford event and judging by the scores everyone had a decent day on the course which was, as per usual in very nice condition.

I’m glad I had Ash as my floating partner for the front nine, but on the back nine he and I couldn’t get it right (both failing on the same holes), but he did blend well with his other partner Mark Coster and it was this team that was successful in placing their names on the shield this year.
There were only 8 points splitting the entire field at the end of the day, so hopefully everyone had a few highlights.

Also good to see a few family and friends turning out, hopefully they all enjoyed the day and may grace us with their presence again soon.

A good lunch was provided by the club which was appreciated, especially the pies. Could it get much better than this? (Well yes, I could have played better, but I can’t blame anyone for that except myself.) Thanks to all for turning up, hope many of you get together for the next game at Carbrook on the 11th September.

I’ll see you at the one after that.

Here are the results:

1st place on 50pts – Ashutosh Misra and Mark Coster
2nd place on 47pts – Sudath Wijeratne and Ian Smith
3rd place on 47pts – Christian Kelly and Jim Abbott

NTP on the 7th – Ashutosh Misra
NTP on the 14th – Ian Smith
MLD on the 18th – Sudath Wijeratne
LLD– on the 18th – Jane Hughes

Paul (Captain)

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