Monday, April 11, 2011

Mt Warren Park 10th April 2011

Mt Warren Park 10th April 2011.

A good group of 12 turned out for the annual 4 clubs in the bag game.

Lovely April weather greeted us and so did the 10th Tee (our first of the day) this proved to be a bit of a tricky par three considering we all only really had one club in the bag we could call on, we soon found out who’d made the right selections for the day.

As it turned out (and I think this was the case in last years four club game) the leading scores were all very healthy, I think the handicapper will have a bit of fun in the coming days.

Most did quite well as the many different names (6) on the results card will show, your Captain unfortunately was not in this bracket, having one of my worst days ever, so a quick sorry to my playing partners, I will redeem myself at the next game, which happens to be on 8th May at McLeod 7.00am tee off.

Thanks to all who turned up, hope to see you soon.

Here are the results: (good to see some different names for a change)
1st place on 40pts – Mark Coster
2nd place on 37pts – Howard Ward
3rd place on 36pts – Dave Coster

NTP on the 16th – Ashutosh Misra
NTP on the 9th – George Chapman
MLD on the 17th – Howard Ward
LLD on the 17th – Judith Chapman (yippee)

Paul (Captain – in disgrace)

(Bring your mothers along to the next game if you can’t think of what to get them for mothers day, the walk & laugh will do them good)

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