Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Redland Bay game: 20 March 2011

Nine brave/foolhardy souls came out to play, splashing in the puddles that made up Redland Bay Golf Course, a course that seems to be jinxed for our little band of golfers.

Snorkels & flippers would have been better than drivers & wedges, but credit to many of you, the scores were pretty good.

I do not include myself in that company however, it would have been better if I tried to hit the ball with a wet fish & believe me I think I could have found some out there.

Well done to all of you for turning up & let’s hope we never have to use the umbrellas again this season.

Here arethe results:

1st place on 35pts – Ken Greedy

2nd place on 33pts – Rodney Topor

3rd place on 32pts – Ian Smith

NTP on the 6th – Phillip Munene

NTP on the 16th – Phillip Munene

MLD on the 18th – Ken Greedy

The FLD was not won unfortunately.
Hope to see you all (and more) at Mt Warren Park for the 4 club only game on 10th April 2011.


Paul (Captain)

P.S. – Pace of play was mentioned as a concern after the game, could I ask all players to be mindful of this issue, we must try to keep up with group ahead of our own group but if you do loose pace, then make the extra effort to regain that place.

(I’ll mention this again pre the tee off at the next game)

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