Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oxley game - 5th December 2010

A big hand to all those nine brave souls who ventured out for the last game of the season, we all knew we would be getting wet it was just a question of how much. As it turned out I think we suffered about nine holes of dry & nine holes of rain & 18 holes of footrot. But strangely enough I think we tended to quite enjoy the day, with nobody in front & nobody behind us we got round in, considering the conditions, quite a good time.

Scores were not the best we have had, but then we were in some of the worst weather conditions we’ve had to contend with all year, so well done to all of us I say.

Congratulations to our club champion for 2010 – Mr Ian Smith - who couldn’t make it to this game, he had to go camping instead! [Ed: or so he says!] He had already performed brilliantly throughout the year & had enough points on the board to afford to miss out, bend to the will of the family & sit in a tent in the rain. Well done Ian, you know we will all be gunning for you next year.

Now the results:
1st place on 33 pts – Ken Greedy.
2nd place on 29pts – Paul Lockwood-Lee.
3rd place on 29pts (on count back) – David Coster.

Ladies longest drive – Karen Greedy.
Men’s longest drive – Mark Coster.
NTP 3rd – Rodney Topor.
NTP 9th – Mark Coster

Thanks to everyone who turned up for this game and indeed to all players throughout the year.

It only leaves me to wish you all a very merry Christmas & happy new year; I hope we all come back next year with shiny new bits and pieces, which will improve your games from the big man with the beard. (That’s Santa not Ken.)

See you in February.

Regards for now (Captain) Paul.

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  1. Thanks to Paul, Rodney, Ken, Karen & Hilary for their work this year. Looks like I had better weather where I was than in Brisbane! Congratulations to Ken on his win. The pressure was onbiously on as he beat Karen by .25 of a pont over the year! See you all next year. Ian . PS Still waiting on the results of Owen's psychological testing survey - they must be bad.